The Programmer’s Calculator

As a programmer, you frequently have to deal with the various data types, and their peculiarities. From the bit widths of shorts, ints, and longs to the total precision of a float or double, these things matter day in and day out. For just that very reason, CalcHundter is the calculator for you, It lets you choose your data type, and perform calculations with it using similar syntax and the same order of operations as C, simply typing in the calculations you need!

CalcHundter supports just about anything you could to do in a single line of c code including:

Int: 130    Hex: 0xff    Float: 1.5    Binary: 0b1011

Supported operations include the following infix operators:

||      &&    |     ^      &

==    !=     <    <=    >    >=

>>    <<    +    -       *      /      %

And the following prefix operators:

-       +    ++    --     !     ~

(You can even use Parenthesis!)

For example, you can enter this:


and the correct result is 1!

(1 == true, 0 == false)